Best Penny Board Brands

Introduced in the 70s by a former Venice Beach lifeguard, Larry Stevenson, penny boards has since become one of the most popular boards for kids, teens, and kids at heart. Penny boards are made of plastic, which means they’re more lightweight and durable. This type of board is perfect for cruising – making it functional—and nailing tricks – making it fun too.

The best penny boards aren’t just durable and easy to maneuver. They are also decked out with the best designs and the brightest colors. Different brands have their specifics signatures, and that has become almost as important as the functionality of their boards. There are major brands in the penny board industry, and they’re battling to gain varied demographics who buy them – from dads buying the best birthday present, high school students looking for a portable ride and kids at heart wanting to unwind.

If you’re new to the penny board world, you must be wondering which brands produce what, and what brand are reliable. This article will help you better answer those questions, as it goes through the most popular and best penny boards in the industry. If you want to look up more information on specific boards for each brand, you can visit


Just from the word itself, you’d know two things. One, that they’re probably one of the biggest brands – having the ability to claim the “penny” name. Two, that they’ve been in the industry for awhile, which is again true. Penny is an Australian brand that has been manufacturing penny boards for around 7 years, and every time they release new designs, there is an inevitable buzz in the market.

The brand’s founder, Ben, has been in the skateboard industry for 12 years before he decided to start his own penny board company. That means he understands the world of board manufacturing and knows how to make high quality, innovative boards. They’re all high performance and durable. His company’s best penny boards include Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard and Penny Nickel Complete.

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Skatro focuses on quality and innovation. That explains why they’re so exclusive in terms of their manufacturing process. They’ve spent years perfecting a design that makes riding as smooth as possible, and to make sure that the execution is perfect for every board, they have exclusive suppliers for every part. That means if your get one of their best penny boards, Skatro Mini Cruiser, you’ll be sure of its amazing quality every time. It’s also very hard to make dupes for this brand because even their materials are hard to source.


When Ridge started, the company was a couple of family members working hard to get penny board designs outside of England. They focused on nailing durable and high-quality boards that they can sell at an affordable price point. Ridge wanted they boards to be in under every cruisers foot, and they didn’t have to wait long to do that.

Now, their Ridge Skateboards Big Brother Retro Cruiser is the penny boards of choice all across Europe, and it’s widening its captured market in North America and Asia as well. Ridge is what a penny board company should be, humble and focused on good work.

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